Rants About Writing and Starbucks


Reading Rob Conery’s post today, I started thinking about how often I read blogs of people having no ideas of their own, but instead writing and restating things they’ve enjoyed reading somewhere else. Now the question is – is this ok? To me it is.

After all, if we waited for everyone to have his own "Eureka!" before writing, then that would mean everyone would be a genius and we would be developing and growing on a much faster scale than we do today. The truth is that everyone shares his personal opinion through blogging, and it’s ok to comment on other people’s posts. It’s ok to just criticize and provoke discussion, and not just wait for a brilliant idea of yours to share. It’s even ok to do how-tos for things totally not your opinion and totally not invented by you.

Then the only problem left is actually doing it. Go! as in a joke a friend of mine told me once:

He was traveling from Istanbul to Sofia on a train, and they were just crossing the Bulgarian-Turkish border. Passport control people were passing through the train and making sure everyone was legal and things were in order. A French guy, obviously excited about his East European trip told the passport control officer: "I want to go to Budapest!" After a few seconds pause, the officer looked at each of the people sitting around the French guy, pointed his arm in (arguably) the direction of Budapest and said: "Go!"

With the risk of many people not understanding the East European context of this joke, I’m posting it. With the risk of many people not understanding the European style of drinking coffee, I’m saying that the Starbucks experience has been around for decades, if not centuries. And, Starbucks is just not fun in Europe – it’s just a normal American store trying to look European. This is like making some breakthrough of exciting Europeans to play baseball, establishing some behavior, and then trying to expand business in the States. But I guess it earns money, so it’s ok.

Hooray for people posting rants when they have nothing else to say. And hooray for me putting links to Instanbul, Sofia and Budapest. So stop wondering about what to do next and what excuse to make up and do what you’ve always waited to do. Write that post and launch that site. Go!