Programmer Ethics

I read a lot of blogs. Everyone’s definition of “a lot” is different, what I’m saying is that I have too many feeds in my reader to follow. This is why I delay reading some of them. I usually disregard the ones I know are not that interesting and then come back to read the ones I really want. Jeff Atwood’s blog always remains the last one – the reason: I know everything he writes is worth reading.

Today, I started catching up on reading his blog, and I was astonished. WOW is the least I can say. So I know this is a little old, but you already know the reason. I know posting links is not that good for a blogger, but I couldn’t skip this. Please read the article and if you’re a developer – DON’T DO THIS.

Thank you!

  • MileKick

    This is really unbelievable. I hope he got sued!

    BTW, why is posting links bad for a blogger?

  • Slavo

    Yay, MileKick!

    Posting links by itself is not bad. BAD is when your whole post is nothing but a rewrite of someone else’s and you link to it. That is called aggregation or news and is done by news agencies and sites, not bloggers. In theory, at least.

    You are now featured in my Links section. Congrats!

  • MileKick

    Thanks for the link.

    As for the linking -> I agree, kinda.
    Purpose of a blog is to present your opinion to the rest of the world, and if you agree with a certain post it’s OK to even republish it (with credits of course), because that will present your opinion.